SUPERPLANT 5-in-1 Organic Plant Booster 500ml

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SUPERPLANT 5-in-1 Organic Plant Booster 500ml

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Highly Recommended ~ [Made in Singapore]

Ready to use, no mixing required.
Heathier plants with just one step!

Made with 100% Natural, Non-Toxic and plant-based ingredients that organic fruit trees extract from the earth during their growth.

•    For healthy plants: spray once a week.
•    For unhealthy/infested plants: spray two times a week.

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1) Organic Fertiliser - Gentle with no worries of Fertiliser Burn, or even on seedlings

2) Repel a broad range of pests on house plants and edible plants

3) Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal (lab certified by SG Accredited Lab)

4) Increases nutrients uptake so plants grow healthier

5) Supercharge soil immunity and growth of plants

Perfect for: Houseplants, Edibles, Herbs, Vegetables, Seedlings, Fruit Trees, Lawns, Hydroponics, Air Plants, Succulents and more